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Women in Black - Olympia

Photo of about 50 members of Women in Black (Olympia) standing vigil on Friday night, December 3rd, 2004.  Photo courtesy of Larry Freytag, Olympia, WA.
Photo: Courtesy Larry Freytag, Olympia, WA
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We stand in silence, because words alone cannot express the tragedy that wars and hatred bring.

We stand in black, mourning for lives broken or lost through violence in the United States, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine/Israel, and in all wars.

We stand in witness to the suffering of victims of violence all over the world.

We stand in solidarity with people all over the world who struggle for justice and peace.

We stand convinced that the world’s citizens can learn the difference between justice and vengeance, and can call world leaders into accountability to employ nonviolent means for conflict resolution.




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